Connect Apache Zeppelin to Zetaris

This article covers configuring Apache Zeppelin to connect to Zetaris.


Apache Zeppelin supports JDBC drivers to connect to data sources.  Zetaris provides its JDBC driver as a single jar file, which will be used to connect Apache Zeppelin to Zetaris.

Configure JDBC Driver

  1. Download the Zetaris JDBC driver
    For Zetaris Enterprise it is located in the installation directory:
  2. To install the driver, copy the Zetaris JDBC driver to a directory on your Zeppelin installation.

Determine Zetaris JDBC Connection Information

The JDBC URL for Zetaris Enterprise has the following format:


Note - default port is 10000

Connect to Zetaris

  1. Start Zeppelin.
  2. Login to Zetaris http://<hostname>:8080
  3. Click on your username from the navigation bar and click on the option Interpreter.
    Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 3.33.02 pm
  4. Click the Create button.
    Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 3.40.52 pm

  5. Specify the following values:
    Interpreter Name: Zetaris
    Interpreter group: jdbc

    For properties, specify the following:
    default.driver: com.zetaris.lightning.jdbc.LightningDriver
    default.url: jdbc:zetaris:lightning@[host]:[port]
    default.user: your Zetaris username
    default.password: your Zetaris password

    Under Dependencies->Artifact specify the full path to your Zetaris jdbc driver, similar to:
  6. Click Save.