User Types

Broadly speaking there are two types of Zetaris users, Administrator and End-user.

Check our Using Zetaris guides for more detailed explanations on the features mentioned below.


Administrator is the highest level of access, they have full access to objects (creating, updating and deleting) in the following functions

  • NDP Fabric Builder
  • Schema Store View
  • Data Catalog
  • Query Builder
  • Virtual Data Mart
  • Data Lineage View
  • NDP File System
  • Data Pipeline
  • Data Quality
  • Access Control
  • User Management

They also have ability to see all data connections registered with the platform, including filesources, databases, REST API connections, and streaming sources.


As an end-user you are able to readily access data the has been provisioned to you either via the Zetaris platform, or through a third-party tool that accepts ODBC, JDBC or REST API connectivity.

If an end-user were to access the Zetaris platform directly, they only get visibility into:

  • Schema Store View

From the Schema Store View, an end-user is able to create ad-hoc SQL queries, and save their own permanent views for later use.

As an end-user you may only be able to see specific data objects, and are only able to see certain columns and rows. Further, some of those columns may be obfuscated, through encryption or masking.