Setup ODBC Driver

How to connect to Zetaris via ODBC.

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To connect through ODBC, you will need to install the ODBC driver.

ODBC is available for Windows clients only


Download ODBC and JDBC resources → ODBC and JDBC

If unable to access the above link due to network/firewall blocks, or other reasons, please contact your Zetaris representative.

Installing the Zetaris ODBC Driver

To connect through ODBC, you will need to install the ODBC driver.

  1. Download the Zetaris ODBC .exe file (use resource link at the top of the page)

  2. Run the ODBC installer, check “Zetaris Networked Data Platform ODBC Driver” and install in the default directory

  3. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit) by searching for “ODBC data source” in the search terminal

  4. Add Zetaris Data Fabric in User DSN

    • Select User DSN

    • Select Add…

    • Select Zetaris Networked Data Platform

    • Select Finish

If the Zetaris driver does not exist when creating new data source, or error messages occur when adding, then uninstall the ODBC driver and reinstall.

5. Configure Zetaris Virtual Data Warehouse connection (ODBC)



DSN Name

Name your ODBC connection, this can be anything

Server Host

Zetaris server IP address


10000 (default)


Zetaris Username


Zetaris Password

6. Select “Connect”, to confirm connection, then select “OK”.

The ODBC driver has now been installed.