Accessing Zetaris through Rest API

Connecting to Zetaris via Rest API

The REST API for the Zetaris data fabric is located on the following domain name.  Note that the public IP address of the connecting client application will need to be added to the firewall rules.


Query the Data

The  current REST API version is simple and design for infrequent access.  A version that creates a sustained session for multiple queries is on the road map for release in late 2022. 

 The JSON payload for querying with the token simple.  Just include the SQL statement inside a JSON payload that contains credentials and the desired sql tag.


  "sql": " SELECT * FROM testresultbydate.resultbydate",

  "username": "",

  "password": "pXXXXord",

  "orgId": "1dXcX20d"


This will return a JSON object with the rows of data generated from the selection statement.