AWS Redshift

This article covers how to connect Zetaris to AWS Redshift.


  1. Login to your Zetaris Environment
  2. Click on NDP Fabric Builder 
  3. Click on the yellow create button next to Virtual Database Sources as shown below
  4. A Popup window will appear. Click 'Next'
  5. Specify the following values and click Next
    Datasource Redshift
    Data Source Name Name your Data Source
    Description (Optional) Input a description for your data source

    JDBC Driver Class

    Leave the default
    JDBC URL Input your JDBC URL for the data source
    Username Your Redshift Username
    Password Your Redshift  Password
  6. Select the Tables you want to add to Zetaris. and then Click Next
  7. Review your Inputs and then Click on 'Register'
  8. You will see your newly created Redshift data source now.
  9. To view the contents of your table click on the preview button  preview