Zetaris' users can be authenticated and created locally, or Zetaris can be integrated with an existing authentication provider through LDAP, where we are able to synchronise on-boarding of new users.

LDAP Rules

  • You cannot assign LDAP users to another LDAP role

  • You cannot assign Zetaris user to an LDAP role

  • We can assign an LDAP user to Zetaris role

To set up the LDAP Configuration:

  1. Log in using a user with an admin role.

  2. Go to the User Management tab.

  3. Click the LDAP Configuration button.


  4. Provide the following LDAP configuration details, then select next.
  5. This will register your details and save. The next time you won't be asked to enter details again. If you wish to change LDAP details, select LDAP Configuration, edit configuration details and hit the Save button.
  6. After registering click Next. Select the chosen LDAP Group, and then select users you would like to add to LightningLdap user configuration
  7. Click Next to sync selected users to Lightning

  8. Click Finish to close the wizard.
    1. You have the option to enable or disable LDAP with the checkbox.