Implementation of auto consent mechanism

For a conceptual understanding please read the following article: Creating automated consent mechanisms with metadata tagging


Please note that requested access to GITHUB links will be required in order access files

  1. An admin user will tag columns that contain sensitive personal information with the tag “pii” (Personal Information Identifier)

  2. A Data Pipeline or Permanent view is created to determine the table metadata and columns with the associated tag “pii”. (refer to TAG_METADATA_VIEW permanent view)

  3. Additionally, a data pipeline or permanent view is created to determine which IDs from all associated tables must be removed. (refer to AZURE_MSSQL_CUSTOMER_ID_CONSENT_VIEW)

  4. Once these pipeline/permanent views are created. The admin will run the file, which can be located within the custsuccess repository on our github.

  5. The user will be asked to login, using their password and username.

  6. The script will generate policies to mask/deny any columns associated with the “pii” tag and additionally provide a filter of the data to remove any id’s where consent has been withdrawn. (This process takes approximately 1 minute and will vary based on table size and number of columns.)

8. Once these policies are created, the administrator will be required to assign these policies to users / roles.

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