Data Catalog Overview

The Zetaris Data Catalog captures information on table and column metadata and tracks metadata changes. This metadata initially includes tables and columns, however, you can manually add or upload tags and descriptions. Data Catalog allows you to browse the existing defined data sources and the associated tables.

You can access Zetaris Data Catalog through a command line and direct connection accessibility, allowing you to integrate workflow tools.

How to use Data Catalog

Data Catalog Features

Table Metadata


Statistics can be run against tables and columns to retrieve quantitative metrics.

 Tables Columns
  • Record Counts

  • Size in Bytes

  • Date when statistics were last run

  • Cardinality (uniqueness of data values)

  • Min and Max (string length, or integer or float values)

  • Average (string length, or integer or float values)

  • Date when statistics were last run

Metadata Change History

The Metadata Change History picks up changes in tables and columns, with an associated date-time stamp.


Metadata Search

Metadata Search allows you to search for tags, descriptions, column names, table names, and values.



Tags are a fast way to access the tag repository and view all associated columns and tables.