4. Run Query

Zetaris Cloud Data Fabric supports SQL2003 and it can also run all 99 TPC-DS queries.
As long as a data source registered into schema store, a query can be built that spans across all data sources.
For example the following query joins across three different data sources(Teradata ↔ Oracle ↔ Cassandra),


SELECT users_from_cassandra.age, users_from_cassandra.gender, movies_from_oracle.title title, ratings_from_teradata.pref, ratings_from_teradata.ts

FROM TRDT.ratings ratings_from_teradata, ORCL.movies movies_from_oracle, CSNDR.users users_from_cassandra

WHERE users_from_postgres.gender ='F'

AND ratings_from_teradata.uid = users_from_postgres.uid

AND movies_from_oracle.iid = ratings_from_teradata.iid